2019 Forester Lease - Texas

Wondering what everyone thinks of this offer. The dealer won’t discount any further and says Foresters are flying out the door. They will, however, accept my Outback as a trade to large offset the sales tax which we in Texas pay on the entire sale price. They will then rebate the $20,000 back to me, so DAS is $391.77. I also have a $500 loyalty certificate which the dealer will use to offset the first month’s payment then cut me a check for the balance. Tks.

Discount seems weak, are Subaru’s really flying out the door in the Lone Star State? I thought they liked big ol 'merican trucks down there. :ox:

They might be doing some shenanigans with your trade and showing more for the trade and less discount

Dealer agreed to eliminate the MF markup and upped the discount by $500, so 6% off MSRP. Also used a $500 loyalty coupon. $346 a month 36/10k. $0 DAS. Leasehackr score 7. Not a great deal but I was satisfied and this was the only Forester in the Houston area with the color and options I wanted.