2019 ford ranger xl crew cab 4x4. Fair offer to send to dealers?

Model I’m looking at: 2019 ford ranger xl crew cab 4x4
Zip: 48237
Qualify for a plan, conquest as well. Mf and rv pulled from edmunds, incentives as well. 500 is from me selling my car, I don’t think I’d be able to trade it in as the transmission is shot, it barely drives above 30, but I don’t know if they’d take it.

Should I send this in or will I be laughed at, or can I get an even better deal?

What incentives are available? I dno how well these are selling but maybe try sending to a high volume dealer.

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Didn’t get the exact details of the incentives, probably conquest and lease cash. I’d qualify for conquest, competitive lease too. The incentive amount I also received from the edmunds forums.

Also rv was 70%, original calculator score I sent had it at 67%