2019 Ford Fusion SE Hybrid ($157/mo, $7,400 in lease cash)

You CA guys are lucky the lease cash in NY is only $5250.

I do have one tip to add: USAA members get another $250 rebate on the car.

AZ region has $92xx lease cash on energi, $1k more than CA. Could yield a decent lease.

$82xx in Reno, NV.

does anyone know any websites that break down the offer terms and conditions?

i don’t know what (RCL Renewal - Retail) vs. (RCL Renewal - Lease) mean…
they have different values $1,750 vs $1k

Sounds like loyalty cash for buy vs lease

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thats where i got confused, I think RCL means Red Carpet Lease.

Both of them are tagged RCL then dunno what retail means.

Ok I found a good site that describes the offers very well

RCL Renewal - Retail (Expires 1/2/19) $1,750
" For current owners of the same make. May not be compatible with certain other incentive types such as Conquest programs. Please check with your CarsDirect Trusted Dealer for complete details"

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Drove home one of these today in NorCal.

MSRP: 28450
Sales price: 25750
RCL Cash: 7400
New Grad: 500

$1k down (rolled all drive-offs into monthly)
$187/mo before tax

or as LH folks like to see it: $0 DAS, $214/mo + tax

.8% of 1% rule. Probably could’ve worked the sales price a tad lower. There were a couple dealers a little farther out I hadn’t called but only two played ball and this one won my business for dropping a little lower than the other. I also wanted to close this before year’s end.

shoutout to @michael for posting about the $7400, @nextlevelautobrokers for bringing up x-plan (hadn’t heard of it before, x plan pricing wasn’t as good as my sales price, and my doc fee wasn’t marked up past $100 so it didn’t directly help me but the info made me more curious about the incentives), and of course @YeahItsMe for sharing their deal. I did try their idea of moving rebate partially under the sale price, but neither of my two dealers wanted to take part in unethical business practice (lol).

If you’re still looking for one, keep calling. Someone will bite! Good luck.


I went to ford website to take a look, where is the amount 9.2k for AZ something located? Thanks in advance.

@osiq Congratulations.

It seems the day after I signed (12/26/18); dealerships were not willing to work the deal so efficiently. I PM’d everyone who asked for the dealer’s info, but I do not believe any were able to replicate it. You got a good deal as well. I put nothing down and am paying $160/month. I think it was in the $140 range with $1,000 down. I am curious to see how many will be able to negotiate here in northern California by tomorrow (January 2, 2019).

Happy Near Year everyone !!

Leased one last evening in SoCal for 171 inlc tax with first month payment as drive off. The only thing I see is on the contract is that there is a 395 fee due at the time of lease return ( this is a first lease for me so not entirely sure if this is common but they said all ford leases have this fee )

Thanks to everyone who share their experiences and insights on this forum. If it wasn’t for this thread I was about to close on another car at a higher payment but these numbers are much better as I’m not too keen on make or model of the car.


@osiq Mind sending me a pm of the dealership you got this deal from?

This is the Disposition Fee, something you can’t avoid. Great job on the lease!

Thank you.

I think your deal was excellent. I don’t think I had much of a chance of getting to those numbers like you said, even given that we were at year’s end. I noticed you mentioned your initial interest in 18s- the dealer at first tried to sway me into one of those, but I did not get time to plug numbers for the 18/do my research into ensuring the 7400 could be applied there, though he was claiming I will get an even better deal on an 18 than a 19.

With true $0 DAS, I’d have been at $232 for 15k/36. Would’ve been about $20/mo cheaper if I could’ve gotten one of them to bite on splitting the rebate into the sales price, but oh well.

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Great work right there sam! so glad to see someone was able to score a deal!
Post some pictures in trophy garage,

and congrats to you too @osiq Solid work my man, i brought x plan pricing at the dealership, but apparently X- Plan pricing was more than the invoice


Pl let me know which dealer in Bayarea who can provide 147 dollars per month for 15k/36 months ?
Is there anyone who can help me . Thanks

No go for AZ.
Hybrid rebate is paltry $4,500 off.
Energi is like $9200 rebate, but the higher MRSP and much worse RV kills this, making monthly like $350.
The dealer quoted me RV for Energi 47% for 24m and scary 39% for 36m !/
Also looked on C-max numbers, not good.

Hey guys,

Galpin Ford is matching my deal and providing $500 fuel gas card. If anyone is in market, please reach out to galpin Ford ask for Spencer.

So initially it will be $0 down for you and $146/month. If you take advantage of it, just buy me dinner :yum:


When is the last day?

Tomorrow, the rebate expires by tomorrow

Looks like the money factor used for your deal was 0.00016 … Is this marked up?