2019 Ford Fusion SE FWD - Is this a good deal?

This is the window sticker:


  • MSRP $25670
  • Sales Price $21358
  • Miles/year (10,000? 12,000?) 10500
  • Cost per month (including taxes) $255/month
  • Is first month included? Yes
  • Government and dealer fees total? $1072 and $85
    $0 Security Deposit
    Cash due at signing is after after $6350 Cash Back from ford including $2,250 customer cash (PGM #50470) + $250 VIN Specific RCL Custmer Cash (PGM #36916) + $300 1st payment on us + $3,550 RCL renewal.

Thanks in advance.

Anyone have an idea?

Have you checked Edmunds to make sure of the the RCL cash amount for your zip?
What is the $6350 cashback from Ford?

Hi thanks for your answer, sorry for the dumb questions but I dont really know much about this.

I am at edmunds for this car: https://www.edmunds.com/ford/fusion/

but I am not sure how to get the RCL cash amount or even what exactly that means.

Regarding the $6350 cashback, they just quoted me exactly like that. I have no idea what it means really.

This is your starting point. Post on the forum with your zip and find out the incentives offered for your area. Based on this you will know what kind of discounts you should accept.

After you get your breakdown from there, get a list of each of the incentives and ask what each incentive is. Then use the calculator and mess with the numbers to see how much discount you should accept.

edit: by what each incentive is, I am suggesting that you know and understand the difference between what the dealer is contributing and what Ford is contributing. Dealers like to throw a lot of mumbo jumbo at you and make it look like there is a huge discount on the car. You need to call the dealer and ask for someone in internet sales and get this broken down to you. you must understand everything you are getting int his deal. Also find out the sales price BEFORE any incentives are factored in.

Thank you!

Any update?

Hi thanks for follow up! This is hat I got from edmunds forums:

0.75% APR
46% residual
$2250 lease cash

What does the lease cash mean?

  • APR we can convert to a non% moneyfactor using 0.75/2400 = 0.0003 = money factor
  • Lease cash is the incentive that Ford, the manufacturer, is giving you as an instant discount. An example of this is if a car is selling for $25,000 and dealer will not give you any discount from their end, you are entitled to $2250 automatic discount so your price would be $22750. In essence, it’s the certain discount you will get.

I suggest you look at this thread that has Fusion Hybrid deals that some people were able to score. Mind you- lease cash at this time was $7400 and has now shrunk down quite a bit. I was able to get $2700 off MSRP + my lease cash + college grad. Here is my deal.

Use the LH calculator from the website, plug in different numbers and see if it makes sense for you. In my opinion, the deal used to be much better on this car. I think it is still an OK deal if you can get a hefty discount from the dealer side.

Another thing to note- notice all that mumbo the dealer added to confuse you into thinking you are getting great discounts. Be more straightforward to them and ask them what the best numbers they could give are BEFORE incentives. And ask them for a breakdown of what all that BS they’re calling incentive are.

Thank you. I will clarify with the dealer what all that stuff means. And thanks for your PM, I am kind of overwhelmed with everything at the moment and need a bit more time. Once I am ready I will definitely contact you for help per your offer. Thanks!!!