2019 Ford Fusion ENERGI Titanium w Moonroof $ 286 - + DMV $ 80

Be as’19 Fusion Energi Titanium w Moonroof- Plug in ( which you dont have to do)
Also qualifies for HOV !!!
MSRP- $ 38,585 36/10.5
Also had Ford RCL
Crazy Federal and State rebates, Ford Discounts, and BJ’s Membership specific as possible in the title if you are posting a deal – include car model, monthly payment, and money down.

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I’m confused what region did u get this deal in and what rebates and discount does this car qualify for compared to regular hybrid I’m trying to hack a deal on a hybrid titanium but if the plugin hybrid makes more sense and has more discount I’m in i can’t find a dealership willing to do any good discount on so cal…

Ford energi rebates- $ 9000 ( approx ) + Bjs $ 750, Ford RCL - $1500

Love the idea of this deal. Hell the savings on gas would equate to ~30/month (very conservatively) for me.

How hard did you have to work this deal? Took a quick look, zero inventory in my region spanning 5 dealerships.

Subject: Re: [Leasehackr Forum] [Share Deals & Tips] 2019 Ford Fusion ENERGI Titanium w Moonroof $ 286 - + DMV $ 80

I was ready to get the regular Hybrid , SEL, it was at $300, went to the dealer a couple of times ( I’m a PIA sometimes ) and the 2 salesguys were talking when 1 said sell him ( meant lease ) the Energi Titanium and it would be less $$

And so it is

Again, I’m coming out of a '16 fusion so there’s RCL ( loyalty ) $ 1500 where reg hybrid was $ 2500, but he fed and state rebates are over $ 10k, and BJ’s drops another $ 750,

Sick deal but it ends 1/2/19

Also, its NY, different region

Yeah it’s just crazy how scarce these are in FL. Found 1 through CarGurus within 200 miles :disappointed_relieved:

My car is Metallic Blue with Ebony/Russet interior
By the way, the trunk is small, smaller than the regular Hybrid