2019 Ford Edge Titanium - Is this a bad lease deal?

Current 2015 Ford Edge lease is ending in February, and looking to get into a 2019 Titanium.

Here is the latest offer I was given.

$47,815 MSRP

$43,322 Sale Price, before rebates/incentives

36 months at 13,500 miles per year

$615 per month Lease payment (includes taxes)

.00150 MF

$0 Down and drive-off

They are covering all registration and fees

Residual is $24,806

I currently live in Orange County CA and my sales tax is at 7.75%
This deal does not include any payoff of my current lease.

Is this a bad deal? Just trying not to get taken advantage of here.

What ballpark number should I realistically be shooting for?

To put that deal in perspective, I got my Uncle a Nautilus with an msrp of nearly 60k, for less


It would help if you provided the selling price before rebates/incentives and the MF.

$615 for a $48k Ford Edge? Is this even a serious question?


You must like the Edge a lot!

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Disclaimer: I’m a newbie here.

You might want to check on the Edmunds forum (https://forums.edmunds.com/discussion/52700/ford/edge/2019-ford-edge-lease-deals-and-prices/p2) to see what the RV and MF are and to see if there’s any rebates in your specific geographic area.

The MF looks very high (perhaps much higher than the buy rate), and the RV isn’t great. Your deal might okay as far as Ford Edge Titaniums go, but it doesn’t appear to be a good value relative to other cars (from other brands) w/ a similar MSRP.

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You can lease nice luxury SUVs for that. Embarrassingly bad.

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so many better cars you could lease for that monthly budget or less - X3, Q5, F-Pace, RX, MDX, RDX, GLC, possibly GLE. I have an Edge SEL - have 4 more months left and counting. Looking at something more exiciting like a Stelvio, GLC or RDX.

If you’re dead set on an Edge, that’s a terrible deal. I’d shoot for $0 DAS and $500 or less.

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Having a tough time negotiating anything a lot lower. What might be an actual reasonable and attainable price to ask? $48K RDX comes back with an even higher number. New to this and thought looking here might help to figure a way to a good price.

you need to read this forum just a tad bit more. 615 is absolutely atrocious for a Ford edge.

Don’t walk away - run!

at 13k miles I had lined up a 66k f150 for $600ish.(funny how ford works lol) Your discount is low and on top of that im sure your money factor (interest rate on a lease) is probably jacked up(dealers love to do that), also the residual is probably not that great. As others have said maybe try a luxury brand and a broker as well.

Well, as a point of reference (in NJ so only 6.625% tax), here is a $47.6k model with zero negotiation and more miles for about $555 with everything rolled in. I still would NOT do this deal, however.

Even this $46k MKC is cheaper at only $490.

490 ain’t bad for the MKC. I wouldn’t lease either, but if I had to choose, I’d take the MKC.

Thanks for this. I’ll obviously keep reading this forum to learn some more. I appreciate the feedback. May I ask where you are able to pull those numbers up from? I’m not familiar with that website or app. My tax is 7.75%, so the range wouldn’t be crazy off.

Honcker app

MKC is the Lincoln equivalent of the Escape, though, right? Just pointing that out in case OP wants a bigger car (which, from Lincoln, would be the Nautilus?).

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nyclife stated the nautilus he negotiated was still cheaper than the edge, but your point still stands.

You can walk into a BMW dealership and probably get an X3 for less, a loaner would definitely be under that. Take a look at the online Crevier BMW lease offers (their loaner leases) as a base reference for loaner vehicles.