2019 F150 XLT SuperCrew 4x4 $51k MSRP - $360 w/ $1,700 DAS (no PCO)


**MSRP: $50,910
**Selling Price: $41,650 (not including incentives)
**Monthly Payment: $360
**Cash Due at Signing: $1,700 (first month, doc, DMV, taxes)
**Incentives: $1,250

**Months: 36
**Annual Mileage: 10,500
**MF: .00073 / 1.75% APR
**Residual: 59%
**Tax: 7% upfront on cost of lease

**Region: Midwest
**Leasehackr Score: 11.2

Did not have a PCO. Tried hard to find one but no luck.

Ended up structuring as $0 due at signing, $410 per month


Post a pic in the trophy garage, there’s a severe lack of domestic trucks there! :slight_smile:


Looks like a solid deal, well done - Enjoy the new ride!


This include a return/trade in of previous lease? What dealer was this? $9,260 dealer discount seems high to me. Can you post the lease contract breakdown or PM a copy. I have a PCO, looking to try and making a 300-350/month deal here in the next month.

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What is PCO?



Deal did not involve any trade in. I’ve leased several vehicles from them and this was the deal that I was happy with and that kept me from switching to Ram.

Castrucci Ford is the dealer

I presented my offer at $10,000 off before incentive and after a couple counters we settled on the above deal.

Because I ultimately structured as $0 DAS, contract shows agreed upon price of vehicle of around $43,500 with around $1,800 DAS and they just covered that so it was $0 DAS for me.

I doubt they would duplicate the deal but in my experience they’re always willing to be competitive.


Thanks @joeblogs! Good to know!


PCOs were floating around alot at end of last year. I seemed to be able to trigger a link by browsing for f150 information quite a bit. I think anyone can get a $750 one signing up for information on Ford.com, but the $3000 PCOs were very helpful for people scoring some great truck lease deals last year, just not in the Southeast.


Sounds solid!

I may or may not end up in this boat (but not before I expand my garage!) one day and appreciate deals like these!


$50,910 was blue box msrp after package discounts? $53,410 before discounts? Since Ford uses the pre discount value to determine residue on these shouldn’t your payment have been lower?

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