2019 F-Type P340

Got these numbers back today. Wanted to check to see where improvements could be made? I know the MF should be .00001, but I figure that’s an easy thing to bring up once I get the sell price at the level I want. I also asked him to do 5k miles/year, but he calculated using the 7.5k/year residual (62% instead of 63%).

TrueCar shows this as being a pretty good discount (with the 5k ‘retail allowance credit’ they list as available, although I don’t think that applies to leases?). They say good price is $66,399 - $69,725. Exceptional would be under $66,399.

What should I be targeting if I’m not in a rush and want a really solid deal? I keep looking back some of the crazy deals people got on here and I feel like $500/mo should be attainable…

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Anybody? We’re now in May, but it looks like there’s $5k ‘bonus cash’ ‘allowance credit’ until May 31st. Does this work for leases?

Paging @ethanrs

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Customer allowance is only available through unsubvened programs. Aka US Bank. I haven’t run #s on a P340 in a while so I don’t know if the programs make sense including that off the top of my head. Occasionally even if there’s a massive allowance to use US Bank, it would make more sense to get nothing and go through LR / Jaguar Financial.

edit: and $500 / month definitely is not obtainable. Those deals were forever ago. Residuals have dropped drastically since then.


Does this mean a lease using Chase would not have the .00001 rate? I got a quote back from another dealer today at .00053, which is way different than expected.