2019 ES 350 Luxury Lease Deal

All, I am new here so apologies that I am not a pro like many of you. I am looking for a quick glance at the attached deal. 0 Due at signing. 14.7% off MSRP. 39 mo 39K. MSRP 45217

Appreciate the feedback.

Numbers don’t look right. The sales price probably includes incentives, so the true discount isn’t 14%. Also, how is there no acq fee?

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This is a more accurate view of the LeaseHackr score…

Breakdown of Lease Payment $480 = Lease Payment $421+Interest$16 + Taxes $43

If it’s zero drive off, why does it say that there is an initial payment, as well as $4,455 in initial payment on the right? That’s like the $445 cash it says due plus $4,000. The rebate is $3,975, only $25 off of this, but you put less than $3,000 into the calculator? This doesn’t make sense.

How many miles? You seem to qualify for a lot of incentives, your numbers should be better.

@AP919 $4455 = total rebates of $3975 + First lease waiver of $480

39,000 @39 months