2019 E300 Loaner 24/12, $9,060 one pay

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Year, Make, Model, and Trim:
2019 E300, P1 package, AMG style package, night package
Saved Numbers on Leasehackr Calculator:

**MSRP: $**60,430
**Selling Price: $**42,884 (including $3,000 lease incentive)
Monthly Payment: $$377.00
Cash Due at Signing: $$9,060 one pay
**MSD:**included in one pay
Incentives:$3,000 lease incentive included

**Annual Mileage:**12,000
**MF:**probably marked up a bit

**Leasehackr Score:**good:)


Not a Benz Expert but looks legit!


Nice! How many miles did it have on it?

Great deal! Is that monthly pre-tax or post-tax? How many miles did the car have? Just curious, why did you decide to do one pay? And why 24 vs 36? Was the discount that good that 24 worked out better? Sorry for all the questions but I just got mine last week and, well, #continuouslylearning

Silver looks sharp with the night package. You don’t see very many Es with the night package.


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It had 5,300 miles. The one pay includes tax. I just like 2 year leases since I don’t like to keep cars for long :slight_smile:

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The Benz expert strikes again, and shortly after his return to the Bay Area!



I was waiting to see what you ended up getting :smiley: looks awesome

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This is an awesome deal man congrats! Was wondering if you could chime into this, when I did a lot of research on return of vehicle, it seems that Benz often takes off a lot for small chips here and there, while BMW is very very chill. Anyone have any insight on this?

Nope, that was not my experience. I just turned in my E350 which had curb rash on the lower front valance, significant curb rash on the wheels, a cracked and slightly bent rear bumper from being rear ended/hit and run, a bulge in the side wall on a front tire, low tread on the rears, and missing a key. My original salesman had said that anything smaller than a credit card would be overlooked. He was right.

The only deductions were missing key $350, rear bumper (the crack in the paint was 1.5 feet long) $256, and low tread tires $558. There was a picture of the lower front valance that showed it was less than a credit card size, so no deduction (it was about 2 inches, so not that small). I didn’t have time to schedule a pre-inspection or I would’ve thrown on a pair of used tires on the rears. I got $500 wear and tear forgiveness for re-upping on a new lease. Then I called MB Finance to ask for additional consideration and they gave me another $200. I was happy with that result. This is another reason why I love leasing-it is always cheaper to get the W&T charges than paying to fix them myself.

Someone on here actually commented that BMW will charge you $.25 for being 1 mile over and does not offer W&T forgiveness.


This is amazing. How do you even ask for 25% off… Lol

@Pavlon dm’d ya