2019 E300 lease in Florida

How does this deal look? I personally am not too crazy about it. It’s a new 2019 E300 with minimal options if any at all. Getting a good deal has been terrible experience so far on these!

With ten MSD’s your payment is 536 plus tax MF= .00045 after MSD’s

Forgot to mention the term. 36 months with 15,000 miles.

If you are looking at a loaner, a loaner with a 65k MSRP should be at 679/mo for 36/15k, with just your first month.

Right. It’s looking like I’ll have to start looking at another model. I was hoping to get $400s monthly payment on a $46,000 E300 but it looks like it won’t be happening.

It will be 500-600s for an E class (depending on trim).

I just did $465 per month (pretax) with MSD and first month DAS in the DC area on a $66k loaner with 7k miles (36/10). Hope that helps as a data point for you.

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That’s very helpful to know. I’ve emailed almost every dealer in FL and monthly payments are in the $600s-$700s for $55,000 cars. They have plenty of 2019 E300s in inventory plus the 2020s must be hitting the dealerships anytime now. Not sure what I’m doing wrong.

You might need to look outside FL. I’ve read on here that dealers aren’t aggressive in that state. My tactic this time around was to directly call the dealer and speak to the sales manager. I needed a car that day due to my previous E class being declared a loss by insurance. It was a matter of who gave the best price. Of course I was flexible on colors but up here the loaners are pretty much optioned the same (+/- $1,000 on sticker).

Thank you for your advice. At this point after contacting every Mercedes dealer in Florida, I’m giving up on the E-Class. I’ll see what kind of deals I can get on the C-Class.

You’re just going to find shitty deals on a C. Why not expand your geographic area a bit and get the car you want?

I expanded my geographical search and got some good deals but unfortunately I’m too busy to take time off to travel. Ended up signing a 36 months 15,000 miles lease on a new 2019 C300 with P1 plus some options.

MRSP: $47,200
Selling price: $41,200
Tax: $325.34
Tag: $266.50
Dealer fee: $799
Down payment: $4,000
Monthly payment: $459 tax included.

Lesson learned is do not expect good deals on the C-Class or E-Class in Florida.

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Wow that is a lot of money to put down. Why did you put down so much?

Got sold on the car. Blue with beige interior. Dealers were not budging so I eventually gave up. I know it’s a bad deal but I don’t see what else could’ve been done since I’ve literally negotiated with all FL dealers. I searched this site but have not seen any precedent that either the E300 or C300 has been hacked in FL.

If you have to have that car right now then you have no leverage. Enjoy the car and in the future I would recommend being more patient. Almost every time I have walked out of a dealer they have called me back with a better deal. But if they know you want the car and won’t walk why would they move on the price? You proved their tactics correct. Everyone says there are no good deals in Florida. That is BS they are just harder to come by and take more work and patience. Live and learn and next time you should probably hire a broker.

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Hi, do you know how much it would be for a 2019 GT 63s MSRP $175,000 36/10,000 Miles?

Hi. All I know, is that it will be a lot. Don’t have the specific numbers.

go e63, same car 50-60k less msrp and your lease on a gt63 is gonna be in the $2k+ range, maybe even pushing 3k. Honestly the m5 comp is easier to lease than the e63/ gt 63.