2019 Dodge Ram Limited 4x2 Crew Cab - Pricing Guidance


I am currently working with a local dealer in Phoenix on a 2019 Dodge Ram Limited 4 X 2 - 36 month lease, 15,000 miles per year, first payment down. The stated MSRP is $61,710. There is a bunch of dealer add on non sense for $1,400. The selling price is $51,999. There is a qualifying rebate of $2,250 that has been applied. The dealer has refrained from providing the money factor at this point. The residual is $29,970.80 or 57.6%. I have 810+ credit. The first offer from the dealer is $923.99 which is slightly comical.

First, go to Edmunds and get what your MF and residual should be along with the leasing incentives for Arizona.

You’ll need to add if it’s a Crew Cab or Quad Cab.

Negotiate the dealer discount first on the truck. What is the dealer willing to reduce the cost of the truck BEFORE incentives? I just bought a Laramie. I’m not sure the dealings on a Limited. I’d aim though for 15% below MSRP (ahead of incentives) as a gauge. I was happy with 12.5% off without a fight personally.

Peruse the following link to get an idea of what folks paid lately.

Disregard June prices as Ram was providing HEAVY rebates. Leasing is not financing, incentives are different. And yeah, that price is laughable, here is a quick calculator based on what you stated and what I presumed. Limited Calc

Thank you for the input. The residual appears to be 51%. The discount varies between $2,250 and $2,750. The other figures remain correct. The calculator indicates a payment of $637, inclusive of tax, but I cannot get any dealers in the Phoenix area to lease at that price. Is it time to hire a pro?

What’s up with a truck that’s $60k and is only 4x2, that’s nuts. Oh and that offer is atrocious, reach out to more dealers, as painful as dealing with fca dealers is.

4x4 is still an option on high trims go figure, advantages to a 4x2 over a 4x4 are better towing numbers and better fuel mpg.

I’m no expert here on the ram but it’s possible that fca has stopped incentivizing the 2019s and is waiting for the 2020s to drop,either way however you need a large discount to overcome that lowered residual value, I would say 10-12k pre incentives off msrp is what you should be aiming for. If an fca dealer gives you problems then move on, they hardly budge and from experience can be a giant p.i.t.a

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These FCA guys are very difficult to work with for sure. I really need a papered deal in the last 14 days that I can follow up with. Any one out there driving a 2019 Ram Laramie Longhorn 4 X 2 or 2019 Ram Longhorn Limited 4 X 2 and got a great deal?

They are a complete pita, you’ll probably just have to contact every dealer under the sun in your area and hope one isn’t a complete ahole or just go to Cali

fca dealers are dogshit, absolutely would avoid if they didn’t have some great cars/ trucks.

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Can anyone please advise of the MF, residual and incentives for a Ram 1500 Laramie 4 X 2 for 85255 in light of the new programs today, 9/4/19?

Thank you in advance.


Look at post #2 and follow the link. The friendly folks at Edmunds will be able to help you with these numbers.

Hello Everyone! New here!

I’m looking to lease a 2020 Ram Limited Black Appearance. MSRP is $69,889.

I haven’ negotiated any prices yet but wanted to see how low I could go. Here is the link of the vehicle from the dealer : https://dadelandcdjcllc.cms.dealer.com/new/Ram/2020-Ram-1500-for-sale-Miami-b22de6d40a0e0a6b181bfe619dab2d98.htm#

Would like to know the MF / Residual / Lease Credits or Incentives in the zip code 33181