2019 Dodge Ram Laramie 4x4 SIGNED $415 a month 59k MSRP



Share the deal sheet for others to work from man


Yea Im interested as well


Got room for one more? I’m in OC and very interested…


Hi All,

I would highly recommend trying Rod. I was very close to getting his deal however I found another better one. I have spoken to John elway Dodge where I got mine from and my deal can’t be duplicated. They are quoting $550 a month now.

I’m not sure if Rod can even duplicate the deal he said in his email but he was a stand up guy and very responsive. Just to recap his deal was for a 55.6k Ram Laramie with 1k total drive off and 10k miles a year. I had another lease and also used realtor member discount of $500. I believe even at 465 tax included(9.5%) it’s one hell of a deal for the truck.


Why not show the deal sheet/contract?


If you’re not too bothered about exterior color or installed options, there are some reasonable Ram Laramie leases on Honcker, I saw a $55,610 MSRP for 36/10k @$434 p/m with ~$2k DAS. Your rate may be higher/lower as I understand it’s based on your individual profile.


Has anyone else had similar success with a Laramie in SoCal?


Did the deal you get include rebates or were there additional rebates on top of the 14k discount?

I played around on the Ram corporate site and it seems there are good leases to be had with good discounts. However, residuals and incentives are highest for Big Horn, lower on Laramie.


lol if OP even got this deal then that selling price was including rebates 100%…they didn’t just give one lucky guy $10,000 under invoice


They might if he is the one deal needed at the right time for them to hit volume. Not likely but possible.


Sounds like that phantom RR Sport deal for 599 we never saw a lease sheet for