2019 Demo Acura MDX AWD w/Tech: How much discount to expect?

I’m looking at a couple of demo 2019 MDX w/Tech for a 36/10 lease, any advice on how much discount I should be aiming for on the sales price pre-incentive? One has approximately 3500 miles and second about 5500. Thanks.

How much did they offer?

I’ve only confirmed availability and haven’t structured a proposal yet. I can get a new one for 10-11% off pre-incentives, so was thinking at least 15% or so for a demo. Thoughts?

Can’t hurt to ask. Seems reasonable to me. You’re losing $.10 per mile of residual, so make sure the discount is greater than that.

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Get a quote on a new one too, I didn’t think Honda/acura with worth messing around with on demos

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Acura just started a program for service loaners on 8/1. Max 6k miles.

did you ever get discounts on the MDX loaner? Looking at something similar trying to guage whats reasonable.

I believe that the Acura to Dealer incentive is now up to $9,400…so why bother with a demo, get a new one.

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because the deal will still be better on a demo…