2019 crv ex-l awd

Good Evening,

I am seeking some input from the pros.
I received the following dealer text quote on a 2019 CRV EX-L trim:
36 mo / 12K mi
$325 mo, $0 Down.
Drive off - $325
State - VA

I don’t have a full breakdown of the numbers, but does this sound too good to be true?
Trying to avoid driving to the dealership and more fees suddenly appearing.
Thanks in advance!

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It does sounds too good to be true, even 2018’s were hard to get this low. You need a full breakdown on this one.

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If it includes tax, I’d take it without asking any questions. Worth a drive to the dealer IMHO


So, a little update…
Sales consultant texted me the following morning asking when I am coming in to sign on the deal.
I stated I will be stopping in after work and requested a lease worksheet detailing all numbers before I sign.
I get a text 30 min later from the schmuck saying “I just ran the numbers by my manager AGAIN and they told me those numbers were not possible on the EX-L”.
Glad I didn’t waste my time driving to Rosenthal Fairfax Honda!