2019 Corolla hatchback SE honker deal

Saw this on honkers for a 36/15k lease, what do you guys think?

Almost $300/month for a 21k car, I don’t consider that good. Residuals look good, MF is very high at 5%. If you are stuck the hatchback I think you could probably get a better deal yourself through email or something.

How much should I reasonably target? The hatchback just came out 3-4 months ago so I’m not sure if dealerships are flexible

the only way you’re gonna do better on a new corolla hatch is if @Cody_Carter has it on his sheet

I would say to take a look at the Impreza hatch. For that kinda money you can get a much more equipped model or get down in the 220 range 0 down.

2 things

  1. It’s called Honcker
  2. Seems awful for that car. Probably makes more sense to buy it.