2019 CLA 250 loaner quote, my numbers aren't matching his

Here is his quote.

MSRP: 48995
Selling before incentives 43937
Incentive 2000 41937

Edmunds tells me MF .00033, 58 residual. He shows .000434, 58%.
My sales tax is 7%. With tax on total lease I come up with 406 a month, 1870 DAS.
His numbers are at 491, 461, 432 etc.

So I guess my question is am I doing something wrong or what numbers from him do I need to ask for to make our numbers match? Second, I’m going to ask for more of a discount but just want all info first

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What’s not on the sheet is the $1095 acquisition fee. Here’s a calculator link for $0 DAS

You can uncheck the “zero drive off” and change the down payment to match the $1000, $2000, $3000 drive off to get to the payments the sales person has.


Thank you. I asked for 16% discount before incentives and he said he can’t quite get there but took another 937 off. Heres the newest quote. It looks decent. What do you think?

2019 cla 250 awd 4matic, fully loaded, premium sound, sunroof, amg line, media package, night package, premium package,
MSRP 48995
Sell price before incentive 43000(12.2%)
Res 58, mf .000434
Incentive 2000, cap adjust price 41000
tax 6.75 upfront

DAS 1917, 411 monthly payment, 283 fee, 1223 tax, lease score 9.5

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Did you find out what the base MF is? If they can come down on that, you have a decent deal going.

Base is .00033, its only a 5 dollar difference.