2019 Chevy Equinox LT FWD lease, High Price? other options?

My lease on my current 2017 Equinox LT FWD is up this month and I called my sales guy that I deal with on all my cars at the local MI chevy dealer.

My current lease is 24 month /15K / $179 per month with GM employee pricing
and the previous Equinox I leased in 2015 was $149

The new lease on a 2019 Equinox LT FWD 24 month / 15K / $290 per month! W/GM discount
I can get a demo for $232 per month

What has happened with leasing these? Did I just get really good pricing on my last two leases and now it’s catching up to me?

Are there other deals out there in SUVs?

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GM cut incentives on leasing in general since your last lease

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GM is making a bunch of stuff not compatible with employee. but, what MSRP?

I honestly think GM didn’t realize so many of their lease incentives were stackable and only recently has cut back on them. They also didn’t realize us hackrs knew how to get the unicorn deals from them, and then this forum began to grow and spread the news.

MSRP is $30,910

Sales Price: $26,900.44
Gov & Doc fee $268
Acquisition fee $650
Gross Cap Cost: $27,770.44
Rebate - $2,150
Net Cap Cost: $25,620.44

I have the monthly price down to $232 with the one-payment option

I recently encountered this too – interest rates have risen. Take the demo. If it makes you feel any better, the 2019 is light years more superior to 2017 you’re dropping. Well worth an extra $50-60 a month, imo.

That seems pretty good for nothing down other than your single pay lease. Nice discount.