2019 Chevy Equinox LT $30,040.00 MSRP 24/10 $4,983.44 ONE PAY (SoCal)

most of the time you save on interest and when compared to DAS + total payments made it’s usually cheaper. However, comes at the expense of a large payment and also potential loss in the event of a total loss due to accident etc.

I thought we already established that GMF will prorate your onepay in the event of a total loss?

I took the question as a general question, not specific to GMF

This looks like a good score! Congrats!

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Yes, like they said-cheaper than paying monthly plus they let me put it on a credit card which I also get 2% cash back-not much $100 but that’s a nice steak at Mastro’s :crazy_face: then I just transfer the cash to the cc and I get a FREE STEAK :call_me_hand:

Thanx-I did score a nice deal

And 4k points! Btw, did you read about paying one pay v actual installments. If something happens to the vehicle, you loose all the one pay?

All i can speak for is GM Financial. You get the prorated unused portion amount refunded.

Yes, what @adamcar said…GM prorates otherwise I wouldn’t do a one pay…plus what are the odds of totaling-I’ve never been in a fender bender even :sunglasses:but yes, never say never

Thanks @adamcar and @BYGFEET … enjoy the new ride!

I am trying to negotiate a lease on Equinox here locally. I understand the first thing to do is negotiate the selling price. I am in the process of negotiating dealer discount.

Now, how do I find the MF and residual % for equinox? Will residual vary for LS or
LT model?

Go to the Edmund forums - most popular models have a dedicated thread to request info by model, they will provide the MF/RV/Incentives available to your area by zipcode, for whichever trim your requesting. My understanding is it is only for captive, they do not provide info for third party banks such as USBank or Ally and the like.

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those wouldn’t help in this case anyway because all the current rebates are from GMF

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They let you put down the entire one pay on a credit card? That’s cool, if I am reading this correctly.

Thanx, so far not bad at all

Correct, they allowed up to $5K on a credit card…

Just wondering if your dealer still can honor that and may I ask their info?

Hi … I am local to NJ… Can you please share the dealer details?

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