2019 Chevy Equinox 1LT FWD - 36/12 lease

Sun and Navi package is a waste on this car. Skip the this deal. I was being offered 250 for 1lt AWD in December with confidence and convenience and all weather. Although I had 1300 with everything DAS

I think sunroof is a personal preference. Personally, I love them and wish I had one. The natural light is fantastic and always used to put me in a better mood

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Thanks for all input and info!
I agree with BoardWalkNJ regarding sun/nav package. I like the sunroof too, and bigger infotainment screen that comes with it. Nav, I don’t know, never tried it before and probably will end up using Waze anyway.
Did you take the deal on that 1LT doomtoall81?

Informative posts. I have say the whole process is very frustrating. Was looking for similar lease on Long Island and emailed several dealers about a particular car and I can’t get a straight answer from them. They won’t even quote a number. They all want you to come in and test drive etc…

Built in Nav is pretty much a waste, but it usually comes tied in with the nicer packages anyway. Android Auto and CarPlay are way better IMO. But if it’s tied to the roof or whatever it’s what it is if you really want the other stuff.

Can you tell who is the dealer you are dealing in NJ ?

Thanks for the reply.

I am looking to swap my 2016 Chevy Malibau next month. This month GM have not came with 4 month early lease return. It was there for all the previous months except April. Hope they come out next month and some good deals with Memorial day Sale.

How one can find what CCR or incentives are avialable and stackable. In other words how you were able to find out all these CCR and whether they are stackable or not.

I think with my current GM lease in house, I will have $1000 incentive instead of $1500 that you got. Other incentive, help me finding out.