2019 Chevy Bolt - Purchase

Guys, let me know what you think of this. I am considering flipping a Leaf purchase from a few months back. 11% dealer discount seems like there might be more on the table? They are quoting a 55% residual on leases right now, which basically nets out to about $100/month after I factor in the post sale tax credit of $3750.

2019 Bolt Premier
MSRP: $44,485
Dealer discount: $4919
Rebate: $9000

Price before tax/dealer fees: $30,565

Is this a lease or a purchase? You are saying that the monthly for a Bolt will be only $100/month? No way.


It’s a purchase. I am saying final sales price minus $3750 tax credit minus what Chevy says is a residual on a lease (55%/$24,466) divided by 36 months, its basically $100/month for 3 years if I can dump it for $24,466 after 36 months.

I have no idea what you are saying. Purchase, RV, $100/month…you really think that thing will be worth $24k when the new Bolt will be out? Good luck.


Thank you 101010

Yeah because we all know that GM’s and BMW’s have accurate residuals. Especially on electric cars.

Good luck :man_facepalming:


If you want a realistic look at residuals, see what 2015-2016 EVs are selling for relative to MSRP. Captive lease residuals barely hold any resemblance to reality.

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Yeah, I am pretty certain it wont be worth 55% of MSRP in 3 years. It was just me justifying the deal :confused:

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You’ll end up very disappointed and with a busted budget.

No way that 55% will hold. I would go with a 40%, 45% best case.

Wait is he shopping for a car or a wife? Bazing.


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Yeah, 40% residual puts it at just under $300/month after 3 years. Glad someone is following me. Trusted Hackrs struggle w math I guess.

No, we’re just not in the business of making up BS math to suit your whims.


Tough crowd tonight

Lol…i suspect some of them may be on diet or something…

It’s not a bad deal…but you will have to ask yourself if it’s worth paying the extra $ for the range compared to the eGolf deal. I was never a big fan of the Bolt so you know my answer…

All great points. I actually had to stop yesterday and charge my 40kw Leaf in order to get home. That was a first, but I put 130 miles on it and blasted the AC in 100* heat all day. But it is very rare I need the full range in a day. Going to the Bolt, and assuming a 40% residual would effectively double my current Leaf payment to have the added range. Yeah prob not worth it. Thank you Mark and all the Trusted Hackrs for the great feedback! Go get some ice cream guys.

2017 Bolts go for $18-19k with high miles. 70K+
So they wont hold their values.

Regardless, my wife got a 2019 LT last month. $8k off and dealer gave generous trade in. Around 24k. Plus the rebates will take it down $2500 ca, 3850 fed credit. Considering used ones with 70k miles come close to What you get CA+Fed Incentives, no brainer purchase

The range is 250 miles with A/C running in NorCal. GM underspec the range. Great car. Probably drive it to the ground.

My 35k Volt LT with 12k miles on it is quoting at about 19k on Carvana after a little less than a year of ownership, so to say that GM is optimistic with their residuals is an understatement. I think my buyout is around 16k, but at this rate I’d just be better off turning it in and hitting up the auction to buy it back for some magic beans if I really want to keep it.

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A couple weeks ago my 2017 bolt LT with under 12k miles was quoted at over $23k on caravana