2019 Chevrolet Traverse 1LT 340/month 39/12



Just wanted to share the deal I just signed today in St Pete, Florida.

The initial quote I got was 515/month. I had to use 4 different dealers and having them compete with each other to get this. Decent deal?

According to the lease calculator my payments should have been $441 a month but they are $100 less. Not sure why.

2019, Chevrolet, Traverse, 1LT Cloth with Convenience Package:

MSRP: $39,070
Selling Price: $33,380 (15%)
Monthly Payment: $340 (tax included)
Cash Due at Signing: $0

  • Rebate: $750
  • GM Employee Pricing: $3440
  • Competitive Lease: $1500

employee Pricing Special + Competitive lease**

Months: 39
Annual Mileage: 12k
MF: 0.0015
Residual: 22,600$ (58%)

Region: Florida


what were money factor and residual. and can you please share dollar value of incentives


I sent you a message asking for some details. My wife is looking to get a Traverse soon and hoping to piggyback off of your hard work.



Can I get CC’d on the replies?