2019 Chevrolet Equinox LT 1LT FWD $255/mo

2019 Chevrolet Equinox LT 1LT w/ FWD for $255/mo
The advice I have received across the leasehackr forum has been outstanding and it certainly saved me quite a bit of money. I am happy to say that my wife and I closed on a lease last night for a 2019 Chevrolet Equinox LT 1LT FWD for 12k/36mo. My wife and I really enjoyed our test drives, and both of us were really amazed at the technology and features that were available, especially when we compare it to our CRV LX. Here is the deal:

MSRP = $30,340 (includes confidence and convenience package)
Sale Price = $27,167.84
Incentives = $1,640 customer incentive +$1500 conquest = $3140
Taxes = $1,076.50
Acquisition fee = $650.00
Documentation fee = $799.00
MF/RV = 0.00051/59%
Title/License/Registration = $57.75
We will also be receiving a check for $550.00 that covers the last payment on our Civic ($200, lease ends in March) and the Honda disposition fee ($350).
Due at signing = $255.00 - First month’s payment
Monthly payment = $255.00

Region: Northern Virginia
Leasehackr score: 9.5

Here is the calculator for our deal. I can’t quite get it to exactly $255, perhaps it has something to do with the tax being a few dollars more than what I paid.

Thanks again for everyone’s advice. This was the first lease that I went into with a full understanding of how to go about getting the best deal.

Edit - I just wanted to add we closed on this on 2/27/19.


Nice deal.
In VA, no incentives are taxed. That may be part of your difference.

Before you turn in your Civic, see if you can sell it to Carmax or Carvana, Vroom, etc… You may have a little equity. Even if not, you can avoid the turn in fee and any possible damage fees.

Nice work!

This is a good deal, esp in VA. I need to get the MIL a new ride this month. I might try to replicate the discount at a dealer in MD or PA (The VA dealer fee is highway robbery). Combine this discount with onepay, 24month lease, and hopefully Asian conquest and deals will be sick in March again…

if you want a good dealer discount just go to criswell in gaithersburg. theyll give you this or similar with no negotiation.

How much was down payment ?

The calculator is attached. Did you look at that?

@jimbo328, I am also in NoVA looking at an Equinox - would you mind sharing the name of the dealer? Thanks!

Looks like a solid deal. I used this information to reach out to Tampa Bay Area Chevy dealerships for an Equinox Premier model. Let us see how they respond, I will send an update if I am able to land this. Premier is one trim higher but more or less sale price could come to 28k , similar to OP .