2019 Cherokee Trailhawk Elite

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Trying to work out a deal and I’m so new to this. Here’s where I’ve gotten so far and I’m looking for any feedback. It’s a fully loaded Trailhawk Elite.


Location: CT
MSRP: $43,670
DAS: $2,800 (this is not finalized)
Terms: 39/12k
Monthly Payment: $390 (including tax)

I’m still waiting on MF and residual numbers. Anything else I should be aware of?

So seems like this is included $6750 in northeast lease deals.

What’s the incentive for dealers to offer 39 months instead of 36?

That payment of roughly $460/month gets you into a nicer Grand Cherokee. Wouldn’t you prefer that?

The payment is $390 including taxes and fees. I like the Grand Cherokee but I’m trying to stay under $400.

When you take into account the $2800 due at signing, your monthly is basically around $460. You can put that much DAS towards a Grand Cherokee and get the same monthly you’re getting for the Cherokee. Doing 39 months just makes your payments lower and will also take you out of the warranty by 3 months.

Thanks for the info. I didn’t even think to consider the DAS and monthly payment.

No. You are paying part a huge chunk of the lease upfront by putting down $2800 (which is way too much due at signing). You can absolutely get a Grand Cherokee for this money.

Just started shopping this as well. The car you’re looking at is fully loaded with a few options you probably don’t need. That said, I got a quote today for $405 a month with $405 DAS.

Salesman wouldn’t share any of the details with me beyond that but the MSRP was about $3k lower on the vehicle I saw.

What state are you in? If I’m reading correctly your $405/mo price was for:

19 Cherokee Trailhawk Elite equipped with a MSRP around 40,600.
$405/mo, $405 DAS

Curious, because that’s what I’m shopping too - would you be willing to send me a copy of the quote to use with the dealers I’m talking with? They’re around 1st payment DAS, $500/mo.


I just went with this deal today:
MSRP: $43670
DAS: $2000
Terms: $383/mo 36 months @ 12k mpy

It’s a fully spec’d out Elite. Only thing not added is the running boards. I’m in CT but it’s coming from NY. The northeast lease incentives are looking pretty good for this month. I’m sure I could have fought harder to get the DAS down but I don’t have the energy!

This is a way better deal than anything I’ve been quoted on (I’d have to reach back out to the dealership to have them send me any sort of real numbers - I didn’t bother grabbing a copy because this also involved registering the car at my parents home address in another state with lower taxes)

Could you post up some of your paperwork? I’d love to see what this looks like.