2019 Camry XLE: Good lease deal?

2019 Camry XLE with no packages or accessories (i.e.no sunroof, no navigation, etc.)

MSRP: $31,420
Selling Price: $28,468
Annual Mileage: 12K
Residual: 59% ($18,537)
Region: FL

Quoted: Monthly Payment of $375 with $1500 due at signing

When I try to do work the numbers based on the info above, I get a monthly payment of $355.16 per month including tax. The dealer told me the $1500 is the 1st payment, Acquisition fee and tags. My hunch is that I may be able to get a better deal closer to $355 and less $ down. Any advice is greatly appreciated!

My guess is this is just not going to lease well. Take a step back and realize you’re paying over 400/month for a Camry. If you still want it get a larger discount and consider financing it.

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LOL. That’s more than my Audi A4, which has sunroof and navigation.

Forget about getting a good deal on a higher trim Camry. Never going to happen.

Ask for another $1k then apply msd should be good for a XLE they just don’t lease well…

Go get one in Philly from @Jrouleau426.

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Thank you.

What deal did you get on the a4?

I’m finding that entry luxury vehicles are leasing better than Toyotas and Honda’s


My A4 is $411/month before sales tax for a FWD Premium Plus model with $0 down and $2,850 in fully refundable MSDs.

Costco just announced an Audi deal. FYI, @Traderx.