2019 Camry SE $275/month12k/yr/3yrs

2019 Camry SE Dary Grey with Grey interior.
Looking to see interest in taking over lease.
$0 down
Lease End Date 1/1/2022
12k miles per year/3 years = 36000 miles total.
Current miles: 20
Will add more information if there is interest.

20 miles? Did you even test drive it?

Car is fine. Personal reasons I want to transfer the car and don’t want to discuss.

lol what’s that now?


Ughh… Sorry for that… Corrected the dates…

Lol buyers remorse within 24 hours?



Lease Transfer Restrictions

Cannot transfer in first 60 days or last 6 month of lease

Did you go through TFS?

Oh darn… I didn’t realize that! Will check my lease agreeement tomorrow and Will delete the post if I can’t transfer the lease. Thanks for pointing that out!

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No problem. Good luck.

Not the first time its happened but it might be the lowest miles…

Can you swap within the first 6 months with your financing company?

Based on your S. Carolina tag, you may have lease through SETF and not TFS. If its SETF, keep in mind you will be on the hook till lease completion.

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Decent lease deal, otherwise.

@asj Any updates? Are you able to transfer it immediately or do you have to wait 60 days?

Lol dude did you read the post at all? It’s a 4 yr old thread with the lease maturing a year ago….


I guess if they really still want the car they can go find it on the used market somewhere.