2019 Camry LE in FL - deal review

Do you think there is any room on the sales discount? Currently am at ~$291/month with 0 DAS. I haven’t added on the college grad ($500) rebate yet. Also contemplating putting down 9 MSD’s to bring the monthly lower. Thanks in advance!

2019 Camry LE - 36/12k term
MSRP: $26,745
Sales price: $22,000 (~17.7%)
MF: 0.00126 (base rate)
Doc fee: $899
Acq fee: $995
RV: 62%

Brother in law is paying 310 with 15k with same car same msrp with $1500 overage miles. With 12k miles he was 290. Pretty good deal this was friends and family discount as I work for the company. Also they included gap for free lowered mf for him as toyota lease for some reason dont have gap. I suggest you add gap.

Forgot to mention it was first months payment due only.

Thanks for the info. Didn’t know that Toyota does not offer GAP insurance as part of the lease. Do you think it’d be cheaper to go through my insurance?

Who wants to pay this much for practically a base Camry?

Not me. If I apply the college grad and max MSD’s I’d be ~$250/month. How much more room off the sales price do you think I have?

If you have recommendations for other cars to look into please let me know. Didn’t have much luck with the VW dealers in my area for the Jetta

when one can get on q50 luxe four about $50 more per month…

$50 a month translates to almost $2,000 over the life of the lease–not chump change.

I do not disagree with you on that; however, I was comparing the value of the lease deal since the MSRP on one vehicle is about 14k more.

That doc fee is definitely eating away at your discount. Looks like they also marked up the bank fee. Pretty sure it’s $650.

Any reason you’re not for sure doing max MSDs? They help a lot with Toyota.

If you adjust the bank fee and max out MSDs, your payment will be under $250

I checked with 2 dealers and it looks like the acquisition fee is $995 in this region.

I will try to get more discounted on the car and apply MSD’s.

Thank you.

Nearly $300 for a base Camry???

That “deal” is down right sad!!!

$280 per month with tax included, plus they made first month payment. on 15k/year Base model le with the aluminum wheels, I think 25.5k MSRP. Interest was .25%. This was back in August.

The ride is decent, great gas mileage, averaging 37 mpg with more highway miles than city. If it had the stop start I’m sure it would be higher.

I bought this car, because I want to keep it at the end of lease.

There’s definitely better deal out there, but I leased the camry because of my intent to purchase it and ride it till the wheels come off. The more basic the equipment the less expensive and complicated the fixes are.