2019 Cadillac XT5 premium luxury

I am about to sign a lease on a service loaner 2019 Cadillac XT5 premium luxury (ventilated seats etc…) for 24 month, 10k miles a year, $2k total drive off and $400/mo tax included.
The vehicle has 2k miles on it.
MSRP $53k and change.
In Los Angeles.
I am suppose to sign the papers today.
Is it a good deal?

I remember reading if you’re signing with GM financial, the miles already on the vehicle count against your lease. So you’d be getting 18,000 miles I believe. With $2,000 DAS your effective monthly payment is about $485. But I’m new at this… so don’t take what I say as gospel or anything.

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I think you should shop around more. You can get it with zero down. You just have to email other dealerships. If every thousand you put is $30 that means you’re only saving $60. See other car manufacturer deals too.


Thank you.
I have reached out to the dealership this morning “demanding” adjustment in the total money drive off. If I can maintain the same payment ($400/mo tax included) with up to $1k total, I think it’s a solid deal.
Either that, or try to push for a brand new and not a loaner.