2019 Cadillac XT4 Lease 36mos 12k per yr $1k down $390mth Deal?

This is my current offer. Deal or no deal? I also should add I am currently 6mths left in a lease that they are considering buying me out of. Should I take it or nah? Ideally would have liked to remain around $350 for payment, but I would be moving up to my 1st luxury vehicle. I’m a Tier 1 credit.

Please advice. I’m fairly new to the boards here.


You gotta provide more details. Nobody can tell you if this is good enough or not with just a monthly payment + down.

Sales price
Dealer fees/DMV fees
How much are you rolling + what are you currently leasing?

Sorry, for not having full deets. I’m working on trying to get them from my sales guy.

I’m currently in a BUICK 2015 Encore. I have $1700 left on my current lease. I’ve asked for other deets. He says sales mgr is working on it. I have GM lease loyalty and friends and family discount going in. Demo is what the offer is on. Waiting get exact miles on demo. Also, it has the specs I want. Moonroof, remote start, leather heated seats and in the desired color.

How does the sales guy not have the basic details? They are required to calculate a lease payment.

With GM demos you need to keep in mind $/mile cost and not just lease payment. The miles on the vehicle are taken out of your allowed total. So if you sign a 36k lease and the demo has 5k, you’re only getting 31k miles. Because of this, I have yet to see a GM demo that makes sense versus leasing a brand new one.

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I asked this question and he said the miles on demo DO NOT take away from my allotted miles.

Well he’s wrong. IMHO just don’t waste time on GM demos.


He’s technically wrong per the official GMF workbook. That said, others have reported the miles are baked back in, and I’m not sure if they buy them back with less of a discount, or they reduce the residual to offset. I’m assuming the former, But could be wrong.

Technically, the buyer can buy those miles back at the beginning for $.20/mile

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Yes they can be bought back per the workbook, but it makes no sense to do so. Extending term to 15k is far less expensive.

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But wouldn’t that affect RV??

He didn’t say it was free. He said it was less expensive

I didn’t make that assumption. Like I say in my intro, I’m still learning. I asked a question for clarity. If I were to suggest the the 15k per year, with my limited understanding I would think that affects the residual value. I thought I read it decreases value by 2% at 15k and 1% at 12k.
Help me understand how that will reflect in mthly payment. I would assume the mthly would increase.

You need the other details that haven’t been provided to calculate the payments. Once you have the needed numbers just put them in the calculator and there wont be any guessing.

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Going from 10k to 12k reduces RV by 1% and going to 15k by another 2%

That raises your payment but you have to do the math to see whether this or buying miles is more expensive

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He’s not wrong. I have a 3 Caddy XT5 demos in my family and ALL of them had 12k miles per year in addition to the existing miles. So I am turning my 36k mile lease in with 40k.

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Did you get a group rate discount or just love the XT5 that much?

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Got them all separately. As I am sure everyone else here does, I like deals. I got them because I got deals.

Yes he is technically wrong per the official GMF programs, and this has been discussed before. The miles are supposed to be deducted from the car, unless the buyer buys them back at $0.20/mile.

The fact you didn’t lose the miles means they were simply added back into the lease, most likely with a less of a discount to offset the cost.

I get that, but it’s still possible to lease a demo and still get 10,12, 15k miles. For what it’s worth, I caught mine in the finance room right before signing. The monthly payment had already been decided, so in my case it didn’t change a thing.

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That’s fine…but @chrishs2000 isn’t wrong either…he read it direct from the program.

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I lease a lot of demo vehicles and never has the miles already on the demo or loaner not been added to the total miles allowed on the lease. Even on a non demo car, if it has 6 miles on it, the lease starts at 6 miles, so a 36/12k would allow 36,006 miles at the end.