2019 Cadillac CTS 3.6 Luxury Loaner NJ Lease

Hey everyone,

First time posting after researching as much as I could. Not too many posts on CTSs on the forum but the closest one was from about 3 weeks ago. Had called multiple dealers in my area (North Jersey) and seemed like this is the one I’d go with. This is my first lease (and first time researching/reaching out to dealers on my own). Please let me know if I did good (or could have done better). I just got the quote emailed to me and am planning on reaching out to dealership to get everything done by Mon/Tues.


MSRP: $59190

Selling Price: $49844.35 (This is including Inception fees if I’m reading the quote correctly)

Add: $650 Acquisition fee and $203.85 for Supplemental Title fee.

Residual: 58% - $34330.20 (original was 55% but there was an additional 3% for "Mileage Adjustment I’m assuming that is because it was a courtesy vehicle?)

MF: 0.000250 (This was labeled as ‘Discount /Buy rate’ under the heading ‘Rates’ on the quote. I think that it’s the correct thing)

He originally quoted me at $469.89 monthly for 39 months but I was able to get it to $440.84 monthly

Selling price should not include “inception fees,” unless you are talking about the adjusted cap cost? If you are though, then why would you add the acq fee and supplemental title fee? Also, RV show be adjusted lower, but higher if it’s a loaner.

You also didn’t list what’s DAS, if anything. Why not just post the lease worksheet?

Hey, thanks for the info. I actually completely forgot that I could attach the sheet. So over the phone he had told me only 1st month payment due at signing but the worksheet doesn’t say that. It says “customer cash $440” so I am trying to get a hold of him to clarify. I attached the worksheet that he sent

No, that’s going from 15k to 10k.

You lose the initial miles unless you buy them back. Makes most sense just to lose them.