2019 C63 Lease Question

Hi everyone, I’m looking at a 2019 Mercedes C63 and the dealer was kind enough to provide me all the details of the lease. I am, however, having a little bit of a hard time getting 1:1 alignment between his numbers and the leasehackr calculator. Can someone help me interpret the dealership program? I put these numbers in the calculator, but it’s still not consistent with the payment that comes out of their program. I think maybe the fees are higher but it’s a little hard to tell…

My C63

Edit, I realized it might be more helpful if I add the inputs right into the post:

MSRP: 76615
Selling Price: 62824
Months: 36
Miles: 10k
Residual: 51%
MF: 0.00127
MSDs: None
Acquisition: $795
Dealer fees (maybe this is where I’m wrong?): $85
Govt. fees: $400
Sales tax: 7.01%

Thanks for the help!

Your RV, acq, doc and gov fees are probably wrong. The last 3 fees should probably add up $1919.75.

Looks like dealer is using .00150? What does Edmunds say?

Why no MSD?

Yeah I thought he was using .0015 as well but he confirmed verbally that it was .00127. Jon - I think you’re right, when I upped my fees to add to $1919 in the calculator it gets really close. I haven’t seen very many reasonable leases on these cars so I think I’m going to pull the trigger. I will verify MF and no down payment first…

Max_g - it just feels like a down payment to me and the difference in monthly rate isn’t that significant. It’s like ~$70 / month savings for $10,000, so I guess that’s over 8% on my money. Not bad, I guess I’m on the fence…

Thanks both for the input.

AMG’s (the real ones, not the 43/53 variants) have NEVER leased well. MBF doesn’t do anyone a favor with their residuals or their money factors. That having been said, that doesn’t look terrible. You should see the payment on a E63S. wowzers.