2019 C43 Sedan - Home-run off MSRP?

Looking at a 2019 C43 sedan, new, not demo/loaner, trying to determine what a stellar (in this current market) % off MSRP would be…I mean it’s gotta be better than the 9-11% you can get off a 2020 right? Would it be unreasonable to shoot for 14-17%? Of course base MF. May consider a purchase. Yes I’ve searched other C43 deals on here…

Which market are you in? I have a dealersheet in norcal showing 16-17% off a new C43

Midwest but looking nationwide. Good info.

There is trunk money from Mercedes to move 2019s. Should jump on quickly

I think it’s $3k?

I wish that was possible in “mideast”. Contacted 9 dealers in surrounding states including home state which had c43 sedans. Best I managed was 13% and likely closer to 12% as I’m Suspicious they “snuck” one incentive into sale price.

2019s or 2020s? Big difference

@endo1234 Correct $3k

2020 for me…

If you are getting 13% off a new 2020, what are you complaining about?

I missed that this was regarding 2019s…

I thought you had meant 2020s :slight_smile:

lol i doubt ur gonna get 2020s anywhere near that…

I hope, but you definitely had me contemplating my life choices when I read that last night hahaha

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Can you share the dealer?

Dude those were 2019s and back in June. Is probably not worth it now cuz they aren’t leaseable anymore

Ah got it. I’m looking for a C43 and wouldn’t mind a 2019. Didn’t know they wheren’t leasing anymore.

You can find 2020 C43’s for 14%-16% this month but inventory is running out fast.

Who is it?

2019s are not eligible for lease anymore. Your best bet is to reach out to other norcal dealers

Can’t lease a 2019