2019 C300 RWD $390 w/ Tax

The lease on my 2016 C300 is coming to an end, and have put in an order for a new 2019 C300 lease. Not obligated to lease that specific car when it comes in though, so want to see what LH thinks of this lease. Thanks in advance!

Make: C300 RWD
MSRP: 45950
Sales Price: 39950
Down Payment: 1k
Money Factor after MSD: .00073
MSD: 1
Drive off: ~$2800 (including acquisition cost paid up front)
Residual: 60%
Pre tax: $365
Post Tax: $390
Months: 36
Miles: 12k
Region: FL
LHS: 9.4 years

You’ve squeaked by 1%. Though from what we know about the C300 historically, 1% isn’t really an aggressive benchmark. The difference is this is a custom order, so I’d say it’s not bad.

Given its in FL, and new c300 I think this is pretty solid.

Why are you putting $1000 down and not more MSD?

Can you send me the sales person information?