2019 BMW x7 x40i - IL

Firstly, I like to say I am new here and a total noob when it comes to leasing, so got recommended this forum.

I have been dealing with a couple of dealers, and that is what i have from them (I also didnt tell them yet, i will be trading in my q7.):

Dealer one:

They want $1125 a month, if i can come up with 1500 on my end, and they will discount another 1500 for the car

I am trying to get them to 1070 a month, with only 1st month payment and doc fee etc on signing.

Dealer 2, and wants me to put down state tax upfront (this one wont budge, seems like a smaller dealer too):

MSRP: $83,795
Discounted selling price after rebates: $79,500
Term: 36 months
Mileage: 12,000 per year
Tax: state tax due up front
Down payment: $0 cap cost reduction
Due at signing: first payment + plates (new $101 or transfer $25) + doc. fee $179.81 + title $150 + registration $25
Monthly payment: $1,095
Residual: 51% for 12k miles

Their initial offer with sales tax included is: $1,199.

Dealer 3 (they have a loaner with close to 2k miles on it, never registered, but with more options):

I know that i am getting hosed by dealer 2 already, since dealer 1 has the same spec car, and their monthly is lower.



That autonation? Generally that dealership chain isn’t the best to work with. While BMW X7’s are hot there starting to become more abundant on lots which could work in your favor.

Heres one with a discount of almost 6-7000. Not sure if this is loaner but its in your area, maybe you can use this to push your discounts lower?


Try to push the discount to 10% off if you can (ask for 12-15% off and settle for 10%).

Thanks, when you say use that car to push my discounts lower, do you mean, ask the other dealers to further reduce their discount, based on that car?

That car seems like a base model, not sure if it will matter.


Well Im more meaning using it as a guideline, see that link above about the other person who got 8000 off a similar price X7 you wanted.

Showing that the 10% off MSRP is possible, that dealer was advertising it. So email the dealers around you and push the search oout 100- miles and email them expressing you want 15% off and the MF and Residual rate (get it from Edmunds). Use MSD to lower the MF.

Don’t go in there until they give you the numbers you want on the car you want. Search the BMW dealers inventory around and find the X& you want and in the price inquiry, tell them what you want and that you wont come in until the numbers are right.

Also, couple of them have said “Oh we are giving you the base MF and residual so we cant go any lower”.

Theres plenty of dealers around, try Patricks BMW. They might gave you base MF and Residual. Just post in Edmunds to find out what it is for your zip code. Arm yourself. Don’t waste time going into dealers when you can email/call them and negotiate on the phone with the New Car Sales Manager.

Yah i have been emailing them lol

Just post there and they’ll tell you the base MF and residual and rebates.

Done, thanks

Use CarGurus and youll see all the BMW X7 around you and then check to see which ones been on the lot a while and see what they can do on that (as they might be incentivized to move it).

But try them all.


So once i have that info, do i email the dealers saying that i would like atleast 15% of MSRP before incentives and the MF/residual rate, that i find out thru edmunds, upfront in an email?

I mean negotiating’s up to you how you do it, I mean I’d find the vehicle you want at the dealership and call/email the sales manager and tell you’ve been looking around and you’re ready to buy if we can get the following XXXXXXXXX. Don’t fall for the “we can give numbers unless you come in” crap.

Its probably going to be a little tougher, as X7’s are fairly new and somewhat desired. But deals can be had and the worst they can say is no or come back with an offer.

Tell them the MF and residual % (which may prove you’ve done your research/looking at other dealers).

Also, how does a trade in work, with a financed car. If the car is worth more than what i owe, can I ask the dealer to cut me a cheque, instead of rolling over the positive equity into the lease (which i dont want)

Well have you check Vroom, Carvanna, and CarMax to see what your looking at? Dealers/CarMax/Vroom/Carvana can cut you a check for the positive equity minus the payoff.

I only checked KBB and its in positive by 4-5K by now. Carvanna was low balling me. Havent checked vroom or carmax yet.

Yes the dealer can cut you a check for your equity or apply it to MSDs.

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Yeah well, I’d check both and get an idea what its worth then goto the dealer after you agreed on the price and then tell them about the trade. So they don’t just move money around.

Got the MF and residual:

.00145 and 63% (24/12) or 57% (36/12)
No incentives

Does a lower % mean better or worse? Two dealers offered 55% for 12k miles for 36 months.


Is this what youre talking about? I think theyre including the 2% bump for 57%

Right, Im new to leasing lol.

But you have helped me so much already :slight_smile: