2019 BMW X7 lease discount



Here in the Pacific Northwest, I’ve been only able to get a 5% discount for an 2019 X7 40i?

What should I be able to get in terms of a discount? 10%? 12%?
The 10-12% range is what I’ve been seeing.

I’ve contacted at lease 6 dealerships here in the NW.


I think the NW is notorious for bad deals. I too have even reached out to some Seattle area deals and gotten bad discounts. Maybe you should look into out of state deals. Could save you a couple thousands.

I’ve been treated really bad at my local Portland dealers. So disrespectful. Really turns me off to the brand.

I’ve had great experiences with the Portland dealers, but I also have never set foot in one until I had a deal negotiated.

X7 40i generally doesn’t see as many discounts nationally, let alone up here in the PNW where everything is a slog. The 40i trim is the more popular of the bunch, so dealers won’t be as motivated to move them at a loss.

The Portland dealers are where you are likely to get close to 10-12%, if it is even possible. Seattle dealers won’t go back of invoice and likely will have a fully marked up MF.

The 2020 models are out, so I am thinking that they would be motivated to move the '19s out.

I assume your bad experiences were after in-person visits, which if you read more here, you will see is exactly why we recommend not negotiating in person.

If the Portland dealers won’t do it, you’ll need to look out of state in NorCal or, more likely, SoCal and pay to have it shipped up.