2019 BMW X5 xDrive40i M-Sport (77k MSRP)

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Guess it is accurate then!

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Thanks for the feedback! I updated the title to reflect the MSRP instead… Hopefully that’s less confusing for people?

Tbh I thought this was missing only a few of the mainstream options, but redoing the tally I’m now realizing there’s likely at least 4 that I don’t have - glass controls, off-road, 360s & B&W, so I guess it’s all relative, since even 17k in options isn’t loaded these days. Fun times… :joy:

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of note he’s only missing the parking package ( I would say almost fully loaded)

b&w = worthless
dhp = worthless
glass controls = worthless


yards away but has pretty much every notable package except one minus the stupid overpriced ones.

Dumb statement imo, most x5s are under 66k (i.e they max out at premium pack) this one is 12k above that. You are right not fully loaded but it’s not yards away either.


Good news: your opinion means nothing to me.



B&W worthless to you maybe. I had it in my GT and miss it dearly

DHP helps a lot on an X5 as well

Regardless, OP has a very well equipped X5 and GLWT.


I mean it’s a 3k option, I’m not an audiophile though so you’re probably right, dhp felt eh in a 40i, m50i maybe different story. I don’t daily one so I guess my opinion is skewed. Even then far from loaded is an asinine statement.

It’s definitely good to get feedback if anybody in the future reads the thread.

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A loaded six cylinder X5 touches $90k.

$77k is nearly as far from $90k as it from base price.

Find something better to focus on.


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Every available option is “fully loaded” – not loaded. Vehicles are usually described as loaded, nicely loaded and fully loaded. I would describe this X5 as “VERY nicely loaded.” The base MSRP for this X5 is just under $62K, so this $77K price is $15K over the base price, and $13K below the fully loaded price of $90K. A $2K difference is negligible and not really worth noting.

Good luck, philly.


We really need to have a Mohs Scale of Hardness for different levels of “loaded.”

That way people would know if they’re getting feldspar or corundum.

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Loaded implies every option to me.

YMMV. “Nicely equipped” describes pretty much every vehicle in existence according to their owner. It means nothing.

Anyhow, :poop: is open now. There should be bigger issues upon which to focus.


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Added a ~2400$ incentive, bringing the effective monthly pre tax payment to 799$. Thank you!

He did not write “fully loaded” though…

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Edit - @max_g, can you please re-open? Prior transfer didn’t end up working out, and after a few weeks, I’ll give it another go here as well as SAL, given the relative shortage on X5s. Thanks!

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@phillydilles reopened.