2019 BMW X5 X40i lease, good deal?!


2019 x5 40i
MSRP 67,695.00
Price 62,140.00
Residual- .56%
MF- 0.00165
$894.66 a month
Acquisition Fee- $925.00
Tax- Michigan
Destination Fee- 995.00
Training/service Fee- 180.00

I’m gonna say no, but also, why are you paying for their training, and how important is it to you that they receive training on your tab?

I could save you about 2k on it.

Not even close to 1% so, yeah. far from a decent deal…let alone, a good one.

I have not seen X5 40i go for much better. Nyclife can save OP 2k on one. I don’t think the 1% rule is a good criteriA for determining a strong lease for this car.

OP should definitely get more discount on it, though. At least MF isn’t marked up.

Isn’t MI in general just plain uncompetitive on imports?

OP could do way better elsewhere and take a flyer.

Terrible. Shoot for at least 10% off MSRP. Put up 7 MSD’s.
Target lease price = $725 month including taxes with about $2550 drive off + $5250 in Multiple Security Deposit. Thats a good deal for the 2019 X5 in my opinion.

Or find a loaner and shoot for 20%

I sincerely don’t know where you get these numbers, where have you seen a new generation X5 demo go for 20% off


Didn’t say they’d get there but it’s a good base target. Work up from there and consider yourself lucky the closer you are to it.

I’m following a whole crop of recently redesigned (or newly released) models (GLE, X5, Q8, & X7) - I follow them here and a few other places. Haven’t seen anyone get close to that on any of them. My current GLE isn’t up until the end of the year, but I’m following the market to watch and see possibilities.

If you’re looking for a deal on any of these A) I think we might be in the worst 6-8 week stretch of the year B) you’re going to have to wait until the 20s are fully stocked for a deal on the 19s C) your best bet is end of the year (at least I’m hoping and can place rational wisdom as to why).

But yea, think you’ll be laughed at and not taken seriously by 100% of the dealers (especially before the new model years are fully stocked) looking for 20% off.

On a new unit sure, but on a loaner it’s possible despite difficult… Can’t get what you don’t ask for.

20% on a current gen X5 loaner is impossible. No one will do that. We have to stop expecting 20% on all BMW loaners, each model is different. Yes 20% was possible on 2018 3 series, but 20% would be a joke of a discount on 7 series and absolutely impossible on a new design X5. This 20% “guideline” that people are going for on BMW loaners does not make sense as each model has different trunk money and dealer holdback.

As @nyclife mentioned, I think there’s only 1500-2000 left on the table for this deal to make it a good deal and since he’s more well oriented with the region, he can easily take care of @Reagan_Boles

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I agree that being in MI the OP should consider a broker. My reference to 20% on a loaner is simply a target however 15% instead might get you closer to final pencil.

I think everyone is trying to tell you that 20% is not a target for that specific car, which is true if you go to dealers saying 20% (hell its even hard getting 20% on a loaner x3) no one will respond and take you seriously, hence it’s better shooting for a more realistic number, dealers will actually be willing to negotiate.
By advising people that 20% is the target and the closer is better is the same as saying 50% off msrp is the target and closer is better

The reasoning for this are two

  1. SUVs are selling left and right
  2. it’s a redesign/new model very different than getting 20% on an outgoing model
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this is what I was able to get in the west coast after reaching out to multiple dealers…