2019 BMW X5 Loaner 5k miles

Here is the quote I received on 2019 BMW X5 Loaner 5k miles for purchase. Let me know if it is good to buy. The dealer mentioned that the warranty will be unlimited miles 5 yr till 6/2024. Is it good to buy, please suggest.

5 year, unlimited mile warranty sounds like this is a cpo purchase and not a demo/loaner.

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We deal with leases here, not purchases.

$999 pre delivery charge! Ouch!

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No matter what, asking if it’s a good buy is moot without the original MSRP/knowing the options/something to value it.

You are only getting a 15% discount. Not a good deal, IMO. Does it qualify for any incentives apart from loyalty/conquest?

No incentives on CPO cars

Thanks everyone

They throw in a midwife.

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OP must be in Florida, judging by that and his screen name.

You need to get at least 20% off on this car for it to be a good deal, IMO. How long has it been sitting on the dealer’s lot? If more than 90 days, I would suggest using that as leverage being the end of the month.

I just lease a loaner today, 2019 with 1k miles and I got 15% so I guess you should get way more with 5k miles

Ok, not sure how many days in the lot.

Check out car gurus. It should list that info for the car.