2019 BMW X5 40i Lease


First time posting. Wanted some feedback. Leased a 2019 BMW X5 deri 40. MSRP $66,155. 36k miles 36 month standard BMW Finance lease. In Los Angeles, dealer 110 miles out.

Total drive off was $6,000. BMW Finance. Included first month’s payment, license, registration all dealer fees and some Capital reduction. I think it was about $1,800 down payment / capital reduction of that $6,000. Paid with miles credit card earning 12,000 miles worth about $180 to $300 dollars or so depending on how used.

No refundable deposits because BMW supposedly only accepts them now if you are exchanging a lease with those already on file? (True???)

$628.00 plus tax. Including them delivering the car to Los Angeles at her work. Never set foot in dealership. All by phone.

Rejected the after sale offers of brake pad maintenance, lojack, extra wear and tear waiver and warranty. They wanted $1350 to $1550 for each of these. They got fake offended when I politely asked them to not offer me any more stuff or try to sell me on it.

I view that process generally as a way to recoup profit lost on the negotiation process and perhaps greatly increase it using fear tactics and hoping the customer can’t juggle the math and is more drunk on the “concluded” deal. Guard is down, emotion is up. That’s the process. Thoughts?

Enjoy the car. 2020202020