2019 BMW X5 40i custom built order


Rebates: $1250.00
MF: 0.00177
RV: 56%
monthly payment: $792.00
DAS: taxes, fees + 1st month = $4453.50
NJ Tax rate: 6.625%

Solid deal? Thanks advance for the feedback!

No discount off of MSRP?

Do you pay taxes upfront in New Jersey? Or does this include MSD’s?

I would look at the 2019 X6, way better value and not a lot of difference outside of aesthetics.

No MSD’s. Taxes are paid up front

Actually seems good … especially considering no MSD and 15k miles. I’ll loan you the money for MSD at 6% interest :slight_smile:

Do you mind sharing dealer info and discounted price?

I would share the selling price but I am not even sure. Perhaps 9-10% off msrp. PM me for dealer info.

Don’t lease with a dealer that won’t send you every bit of information. As we know, there are BMW dealerships on every corner in NJ! Not bad for a new model, though. Off the top of my head, I’m guessing they’re giving you ~10% off. Find out more and keep us posted!

Thanks. If money isn’t an issue … I’d do the MSD - or If it is, I’d roll all fees and taxes in and use that toward MSD. You’d save $1,500-$1,800 on MSD on a $5,600 investment.

Do you mind sharing the dealer info?

I don’t think there were any MSD programs available, at least the dealer didn’t mention of it. Regardless, I’d rather put the extra cash in a brokerage account that would yield a better return.

BMW has MSD for as long as I can remember. Fair enough, though. Thanks for your help!

~11% of MSRP should be doable, and then there’s at least an additional 750 lease cash/rebate available right now. Some dealers will also let you apply an OL code to ordered vehicles (the code I had said it must be from dealer inventory, but dealers all indicated that they could apply it to an ordered vehicle as well).

We just got 11% off our X5 40i this past weekend, and then took the 750 credit and $1,000 OL code i received from the Ultimate Drive Event. Our car was MSRP’ed ~$73,000 and the payment was similar to yours prior to us knocking it down with the MSDs.

So there may be a little more room for yours to come down. VA is similar, we paid the full taxes upfront, as well as the acqusition fee.

Oh, and then make sure to get BMW CCA rebate when you’re done as well. $1,000 for X5 at the moment, i think 3 year membership is like $130 or something.

The current X6 is old technology, must wait for the redesign which should be here shortly.

Wow BMW is custom build you an X5? Usually they just let people select the options they want.

I am pleased to introduce my disciple …

Can’t go wrong for 550 a month though …

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