2019 BMW X3 xDrive30i $519 good deal?


MSRP - $46,535
Monthly - $544 (includes 7.0% tax) or $519 with max MSDs
Out of Pocket: 0$ - first month due at signing
36 months/10K miles

Any thoughts on this deal or do I need to get more info from the dealer?

I may be going at this backward, but considering about $50 per month is for acq, title, reg, etc 519 - 50 = $459 which looks pretty good using the 1% rule

Need the MF.

MF is .00182 for MSD or .00147 with

1% is generic rule including the acq. fee. 544 seems high. What is the sale price? Look for a loaner with < 5K miles. It might work out better.

Just realized this is 2019 model… well, I have no idea about the 2019 model.

Here is the breakdown. Note: #30 Total customer cash of 4,369 is first month ($519) and refundable security deposit ($3850)

Ask for a 2-yr lease and see whether the price goes down. My guess is it will go down.Residual will be +6% for 2 yr lease. Also worthwhile to do 10K miles if it works for you. Good luck.

What is conf fee/bkfee upf?

Sounds like you are negotiating with yourself.

I’m thinking it is conveyance\bookeeping but could be wrong. Our correspondence has been entirely over email where i have been concentrating on low monthly with 0$ out of pocket, so I haven’t asked for the breakdown of each.