2019 BMW X3 shrive Lease in TX

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Hi hachrs,

just get a quote from dealer on a 2019 brand new x3 sdrive, not sure if its a good deal, please help me check it out. Appreciate it so much ~

With 10% off a loaded sDrive and your handy amount of rebate/incentives, you look primed for a good deal. I couldn’t replicate your numbers on the calculator having generalized tax/mf/rv, but my bird brain finally saw this is in Texas - they tax you across on the purchase price, correct?

Consider doing the maximum of multiple security deposits. At $600+/mo with first due at signing, that seems high when comparing to the 1% rule, and high for a RWD X3 (but believe me, I would choose the sDrive too). We must be spoiled in SoCal, as that price is in demo M40i territory.

I’ll defer final comment to the resident bimmer fans from TX.

Ask about sales tax credits and verify money factor is the base rate (assuming you have excellent credit).