2019 BMW X3 sDrive 30i DEAL CHECK - FL


Hello there,
Can anyone please check if the following is a good deal?

2019 BMW X3 sDrive 30i w/ Premium Pkg, Sport M pkg, Driving Assistance pkg, 20" rims, Harman speakers…

**MSRP: $54,440.00
** Savings includes $1,750 Loyalty + Lease disc: $6,833.00
**Selling Price: $47,607.00
**Monthly Payment: $611.99 + tax 42.84 = $654.83
**Cash Due at Signing: $1300.00 includes 1st payment and all fees.
**MSD: None
**Months: 36
**Annual Mileage: 12,000
**MF: 0.00177
**Residual: $31,575.20
**Region: FL

How does this deal sound?

Thank you for your comments!

Anyone could please check?

Wow! looks pretty high to me! TBH one could get a 2018 Macan with that monthly, not that you should but just sayin. I am looking to lease the same car but I think it’s better to wait.

Thank you @brokenHood what should I be paying with the same options? wait for how long?

Is this a new car ?