2019 BMW X3 M40i Loaner Lease Eval - Seattle WA


Hey All!

I’d love some opinions on the lease deal below, I think it’s quite high based on what i’ve seen here but maybe its my location?

2019 X3 M40i Loaner 4472 miles
M Sport Package 2
Premium Package
Driving Assistance Package

Original MSRP: $59,015
Market Price: $54,995
Rebates: $2,750
Effective Price: $52,245
MF: .00185
RV: 58%

Doc Fee: $150
Estimated Licensing: $810
Acquisition: $925

DAS: $2440
Lease Term: 36/10
MSD: 0
Monthly: $775

If I missed something please let me know!


That’s ~7% with a marked up MF. Seattle is reallllllly bad for deals and it’s widely known BMW Seattle won’t deal. Try Portland or SoCal?

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That’s a terrible deal. You can get a new one for less.


I appreciate the info on BMW Seattle, exactly what I’ve noticed through my emails with them. They told me BMW Financial lists .00185 which is pretty interesting compared to what I’ve seen on the forum. I’ll definitely give Portland or SoCal a try.

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Buy rate is 0.00145. They’re just boning you because they know they can get some Amazon or Microsoft noob to walk out of there with $500 and feel good about themselves.

I got a little over 10% off and buy-rate last month (0.00165) by going to Portland. It looks like they’re just offering invoice on a loaner. I’d pass and expand your search.


Horrible deal

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Trash, don’t waste your time on these mamzers.

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Kuni BMW in Portland.

Nothing up here is going to knock your socks off like you’ll see in other regions, but it will be dramatically better than BMW Seattle or Bellevue.


I’m in the Seattle area and got my last lease from SOCAL and paid to get it trucked up. Do you recommend a contact at Kuni thats good to work with? Working with someone from Portland would save me those trucking costs!

I haven’t worked with anyone recently I can refer you to.

I would try Jay Meeuwsen at Kuni. I was at first talking to one of the internet guys but it seems like they don’t have as much pull as the CAs

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Reached out to a dealer in Portland, thanks to the recommendation of a fellow hacker :slight_smile:

New offer, what’s everyone think?

New 2019 X3 M40i

  • Navigation package
  • Heated front seats

$599/mo, inclusives DAS

I worked out the rest after they gave me RV and rebate value, see calc below. Thoughts?

Mf is marked up…I think ur discount is fair with BASE mf…00145

They didn’t actually tell me what MF they were using, I should definitely ask.

Base is .00145…you can reduce it further by using msd. That will prob lower your payment by about 25 a month

Definitely better. It’s the end of month though. Push for 12%, buy rate on the MF (.00145), and do max MSD.

Also tax in seattle is much higher at 10+%. You have it at 6.5%.

You really need to get a complete worksheet.

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This is interesting. What is MSD? Which Portland dealer?

Read this thread and search the forum for answers to your questions.

I appreciate the tips and great eye on the tax mistake! Dumb question… that’d be 12% before rebates, correct?

Yes. So if MSRP is $58,994, target a sale price before rebates of $51,900.

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