2019 BMW x3 m40i - deal check


Getting this deal for a new 2019 BMW x3 m40i. Wanted to get your opinions on this.

2019 BMW x3 m40i
Msrp: ~$62,000 (premium, executive, driver assist)
Incentives: 1k college grad, 1.5k loyalty, 1k OL code
Residual: 58%
MF: 0.00182

DAS: $1150 (first month + DMV)

36 months, 12k miles, $689 monthly including taxes

Edit: The dealer is waving off my last payment, $499, for my current 5 series.

Please provide your valuable feedback.

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Your missing a ton of info

This is all i got from the dealer, checking with them for more info.

That’s a good deal on the face of it. I was looking at a 2018 X3 M40i with an MSRP at $65k and even with a large discount and loyalty it was >$700p/m.

If you’re at ~10% discount, base MF and you’re happy with the car then it sounds like a good deal.

Thank you. It is indeed an amazing car. I think the discount is >10% as I tried to replicate the numbers in the calculator.

updated the post with the selling price before rebates.

With or without the unknown variables, it’s a strong deal.

Only thing seeing the details would do is reveal mf and discount. We can assume the discount is good, but there aren’t many comps here (if any) on a ‘19, so it really doesn’t matter that much. If the mf is being marked up we could tell right off the bat, so that might be a way to shave off a few more dollars.

ETA- just saw selling price. Take the deal.

This is deal is more than 12% off, probably closer to 13%. I don’t believe the MF is marked up, if it is, maybe .00010 or 20.

Don’t know taxes etc. to give exact.

Great deal on a M40i IMO.

Thank you. I feel more confident now signing this. After knowing the selling price, can you tell if the mf is marked up?

No way for us to know, you’ll have to ask the dealer.

Honestly, even if it’s marked up slightly, who cares- you got a great discount and a great deal on a great car.

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True. Will sign the deal and then share the info in case others are interested in replicating this deal.

True, but im asking the obvious questions most people expect to see on here when picking apart a deal.

Now that the OP updated the first post I do agree it is a good deal.

I did get more details recently. The MF is 0.00182. Updated the original post with info. Now trying to replicate the numbers in the calculator.

That’s the base mf. This deal looks to be just about as low as possible.

Sounds like a solid deal - I am also shopping around for an X3 and haven’t gotten anything this low. Hope you locked it down!

Appreciate if you could share some info on the dealer (if in the NJ/NYC area) once you have completed your deal. :slight_smile:

Got the car. It’s so much fun to drive, already put 300 miles in 2 days. I am going to have a hard time being under the mileage limit.

For people asking me about the dealer, I sent you a private message.

Hey I’m help my GF look for an X3 can you also PM me the dealer info. Thx

Messaged you.


Can you provide me with all the details and extras?

I just test drove the 2018 at an event in Vt and really liked it.

I am based in NY.

Thank you very much,


I’d also like to know the dealer …