2019 BMW X3 M40i 36/15 $730/month incl tax

Hello. Is this a good deal for M40i?

MSRP: 64220
After discount: 56785
Incentives: $2250 ($500 lease credit, $1250 loyalty, and $500 OL code)
tax rate: 10.25
including max msd, $730/month including tax
$2475 drive off

they wont give me .00177 along with the 12% off msrp. should i be backing out of this? they set resid to .00197

final MF after msd: .00162

Update: Pulled the trigger and purchased. Felt it was worth the price given the performance / comfort / practicality

nah, you need buy rate if you’re only getting 12% off

For a new unit 12% is pretty dang good


are dealerships willing to do buy rate as well as the 12% off ?

im at dealership now, would be great if i can get feedback before i pull the trigger

I know we all want the greatest deal ever, but that difference in mf is maybe $15/ mo. on a 700 plus dollar payment. The discount is good, if you like the car, get it. Just my .02.


yeah the deal is sound. just wanted a double check to see if i was missing anything. so this looks to be a helluva deal!

Thats like $465 over the term of lease. You’re at dealership offer them $712… they won’t let you walk… far

I think your posts in general would be a lot more useful if you’d explain why you feel this way. The incentives on the X3M40i are not strong now, and the 12% discount is well below invoice, so why do you think this isn’t a good discount? I agree the money factor shouldn’t be inflated, but even if it wasn’t inflated, it would still be about 11% off if you figure the difference, which on a 2019 X3M40i that isn’t a demo is pretty good.

Read too quickly, didn’t notice it was a 2019. Definitely seen over 12% off on new 2018s, but I suppose that’s probably the best you’ll get on a 2019? :man_shrugging:t3:

how much off did you see for 2018? i heard they improved sound dampening for 19 models so wanted to stick with 2019

Crazy when people think 12% off a 2019 is too weak, you guys read too much online and see too many unicorn deals. 12% off a 19 x3m40 is nuts if that car is truly brand new and hasn’t been punched yet. That is a solid discount.

Take a print out and shop it at another dealer. They won’t let you walk over a marked up MF to make another $500. They’re getting killed on this deal, its a 4k blower.


yeah its got 11 miles on it. it was manufactured in February 2019. about to ink the deal. ill eat the $500 to get it now. dont have time to shop around. i can mitigate by signing up with bmwcca and get the $500 postsale rebate!

I’ve seen 13-14% off on 2018s (I think there’s still a post which has a 18 for sale for 14% off). Couple things to note though:

  • This is the last week of lease support for 2018s. Dealers are probably trying to get rid of them.
  • There is a much smaller stock of 2018s than 2019s. It could be hard to find a 2018 with your desired spec.
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Are there significant differences between 18 and 19 x3? I would think not since x3 was redesigned in 18 right?

This is not a residual. A residual is the value of the car after the lease. Yours is final rate after msd is .00162 which is not bad

If you made such a mistake, my thoughts are you should back off, take some time to get familiar with the terms and then make a deal. 2019 x3 m40i are not in short supply and deals will only get better.

I could point you to another stablemate that is leasing much better now but I think I overplayed that hand so I shall not mention it. :blush:

i meant MF. honest mistake

Ok. Looks like a decent deal btw
I still think better deals will be had down the road and the 62k tag on an X3 is simply shocking but if you need to have that unit right now, decent deal

Have you made sure the unit has all the options you need. I think you are missing a few :slight_smile:
Also quick question - isn’t an X3M40i just a an X3 in which they threw the run of the mill 335i/340i engine?

Yeah im missing quite a few features but okay with barebones. As long as I had the HK audio, premium package, I was fine with it. The 21 inch wheels, drive assist, and sports seats was an added bonus.

Can you tell me which dealer provided this?