2019 BMW X3 Lease Check


Would love thoughts on this. Thanks!

MSRP: 48,535
Selling Price: 41,483
Residual: 58% (28,324.30)
Months: 36
Miles: 12K
Money Factor: 0.00185

Pre-tax: 494/month
Post-ax: 539/month

DAS: 2000 (1st month + fees)

You have tax rolled into your monthly and your DAS is over 2k? What are the $1500 in fees for? Doc fees are capped at $150 in PA I thought.

See below.

Doesn’t seem like a good deal. Your DAS includes down payment and dealer has rolled the fees into your monthly payment. I would suggest you asking dealer to re-do calculation with $0 down and fees and taxes are paid up front as part of DAS. You can then take that number and shop against other dealers to get a true apple and apple comparison. Also you should look into putting down MSD to save another $25/month. Btw you can check my post in Share deal forum on the X3 I picked up last week. Good luck.