2019 BMW X3 Demo - First Hack on My Own


I’m trying to hack this on my own, going to start working tomorrow on it just wondering if a professional can look over my numbers so I can make sure I’m right and not way off good or bad.


What are you asking sir?

Did they offer you 22% pre rebates?

No I guess that’s would I be asking for given its a demo. too high?

No real use in asking people to look at numbers like that.

It’s all hypothetical.

22% is also… where did you get that?

Hypothetically thinking I would get it, what is more appropriate?

I’d suggest looking at deals that others have signed.

I’m certain you won’t find any X3s at 22%

Do the legwork with all the great resources we have here. Also, the mileage and number of write downs will have an effect on this.

Feels a bit lazy right now…

Thanks for the help, I’m trying. I’m on here everyday trying to swoop in on deals but nothing is typically local in the Louisville area so I’m trying to do it on my own.

No no

Not what I meant

Look at the signed deals section and see what people are getting

That’s a good expectation setting tool

It’s not bad to target a want or put some numbers together and be aggressive as a starting point. However you will find more doors close before you even get the next step of true negotiation. Like @Bostoncarconcierge said look at the deals and model them to your expectations. Depending on timeline you may find somthing 22% off but be prepared to accept whatever color, options in that moment.


You have lots of major cities within a days’ drive (or you could ship).

We got our BMW in the DC Metro area, 400 miles away.

You may not find yours there, but as an example, nonstop one-way flights from SDF to IAD or DCA in July are freely available in the low $100s.