2019 BMW X3 deal So Cal

I do not have specifics but any advise on a 2019 BMW X3 S drive pretty standard with a 44,445 MSRP. Prelimenary figures are 497 per month (O.C. Ca tax included) 1500 down and 3500 MSD.

Will waive my 400 dispo fee for current BMW lease, pay off last 2 months of my current lease (appx 770.00) and give me 350 credit toward low miles on my lease return. 350 will be applied to a future payment on the new one.

Any thoughts appreciated

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the $350 has nothing to do with dealer, that’s BMWFS giving it to you directly.
Have you looked at X3 loaners? Seems a bit high.

Also, there are a bunch of SoCal BMW dealers on this forum such as @Samson or @BMW_Dave. Why don’t you have them quote you?

Will do…thx for the leads

I am looking at a loaner deal (thru a broker)…Same basic car…45,400k ish MSRP (a little better equipped than other one)…437 per mo (tax included) 1500 dn…3150 msd…this deal i have to keep my other bmw til end of lease (appx 2 months…770 more out of my pocket)…they tell me the dispo fee will be waived since I’m getting another bmw but not sure how that will work…

dispo will be waived if you lease another bmw, doesnt matter which dealer you lease it from

I have my loaner X3 posted all the loaners are at the same MSRP so roughly same deal

How many miles? 10k? Is that $1500 down cap reduction?

about 4000 miles…10k miles lease and the 1500 is 1st mo payment, some fees i am guessing and probably some cap reduction since car is already registered?