2019 BMW X2 lease deal...can't make up my mind

Trying to get a deal on a 2018 X2 in socal, but so far no luck. I’ve been offered this deal on a 2019 X2 for $399 including tax, 36 month/10K, $1200 down. What do you guys think? I’m coming from a Lexus and I don’t think they added the USAA $250 incentive. I think I can do better but they’re not budging. I’ve also tried other dealers and this was the best of the bunch.


You should probably do some research on here to say what the deals in SoCal are for X2 and X3. I’ve seen quite a few excellent deals on here posted by brokers. Maybe you should try reaching out to a few. They can save you a huge wad of cash.

Check out @Autopia and ask for Rod. Also @BMW_Dave is a legit and straightforward dealer